Meal Time Magic

Mealtimes have the potential for being the best of times, no matter how humble the meal.  I can remember many more happy, productive and stimulating mealtimes than onerous ones. Creating a time and space to share good food and where family and friends can safely share ideas and opinions should always be the goal.  Keep things relaxed and easy conversation will follow.


How many families as their children are growing up make it a priority to sit down at meals together – around a table, with all devices turned off?  With so many demands on our time this can be hard but I believe it is vital to the cohesiveness of a family.  My family comes together as much as possible in the evenings and I am amazed at how much there is to talk about.  We share our day, solve problems, laugh, tell jokes and funny stories and sometimes stay at the table so late just enjoying each other’s company that it is a rush to clean up and get to bed.  These are the best of times for us and I treasure them so much.


So make it a goal to share a meal with your family at least once or twice a week and make an effort to include good food that they will enjoy.  Trust me, it makes a difference and will soon be something everyone will look forward to.

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